Help Stompy the t-rex save his planet from the weight of the objects crashing on the surface.

Maintain a balanced weight of you planet by shoving heavy into space. If planet gets too heavy, it will implode, resulting in a game over. As the planet get heavier, the core of the planet slowly turns from green to red. Red is bad, don't let it get that heavy. 


Right arrow: go right

Left arrow: go left

Up arrow: jump

Down arrow: stomp object to eject it.

Context: This little game was made in the context of a game jam. the theme was 'balance'.  Our dinosaur has to balance the weight of his planet by throwing heavy objects into space. if the planet gets too heavy, it implodes, resulting in a game over.

We tried to make the game accessible by having it playable with only one hand. We had planned to make the controls remapable and have difficulty settings but in the context of the game jam we ran out of time. 

Install instructions

Web version, if you download the windows version, download file, unpack zip and click on .exe


Download 216 MB

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