A downloadable game for Windows

4 player co-op. make sure every baby gets, oiled, dipped in holy water and receives a prayer. then drop it off at the parent pick up to receive donations. 

Oil station: oil your hands and apply to baby

Holy water station: dip the baby in the bassin.

Prayer station: activate the prayer, but be careful, praying too long will send the baby straight to heaven, it`s not it`s time to die! 

Babies will wander into the hell pits if you don`t take care of them, stop them! All lives must be saved. 

note: this game is meant to be funny and we are in no way  criticizing catholic rituals. Baptism was a great representation of the ``rites of passage`` theme. 


Install instructions

Unzip + click executable.  Can be played with 1 player, but optimal with 4 players. 


baptizethatbaby.zip 123 MB

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